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Making a Serverless, single-page React App using Firebase

Matt Wood, 3 months

Making a Serverless, single-page React App using Firebase Streamline your React development by letting Firebase store your app’s state   Last week I made the questionable decision to refactor a Node-Express app into a React app. It forced me t...

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Two Ways to Begin Using Custom Delegates in Swift

Brittany Graft, 3 months

  Are you new to delegation in Swift? Let’s talk about two great ways to start using delegates and protocols in your code. But first, what are delegates? Delegation is a design pattern that allows one object to communicate with another object whe...

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Style Guides That Connect Product Design Teams

Claire Wu, 4 months

I hung up the phone and thought “marvelous...”. This guy thinks the way I cook. Slice whatever I can find from the fridge, mix up them in a pot and sprinkle some salt in the end. If you treat your brand the way I cook, then you are in for one me...

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Flexbox Rocks

Lin Yang, 4 months

I never truly figured out how positioning and float work, and always have an urge to smash my head to the keyboard whenever I have to use them, until I meet flexbox. Suddenly, it becomes the solution to almost everything. Wanna try it for yoursel...

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Rails Service Layer for keeping models skinny too!

Sasikala Ravichandran, 5 months

     Three Core layers of Rails M V C allow us to organize the programming logic in an application. But when the app grows, we have a lot of business logic to deal with. Usually, model layer is the layer where we write our business logic and the r...

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So you're ready to build your app...

John Harlan, 5 months

You couldn’t fall asleep for nights on end. You thought of the best idea in the world and it didn’t matter the barriers that stood in your way, you had to see it through. You quit your job and have spent countless hours researching, reading, learn...

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Understanding JavaScript Promises

Yang Yu, 5 months

Understanding JavaScript Promises   What is Promise? In simple terms, Promise is a way to write an asynchronous function in JavaScript.   Why promise? The most frequently used method to set up asynchronous function is using callbacks as foll...

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Making Your Javascript Fast Without Getting Furious

Matt Wood, 5 months

For better or worse, Javascript is a language that can run applications full-stack. A new Javascript library pops up every week, promising to change your workflow forever. But no matter what library or framework you settle on, it can't be used as ...

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Using EMR (Hadoop) for Massive S3 Transfers

Jordan Graft, about 1 year

For use cases where you need to move terabytes of files from one S3 bucket to another, EMR can be the right tool to handle this job.  This process takes awhile for the initial mapping of the bucket to complete after which the task of copying the f...

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Applying Prediction Results From Amazon's Machine Learning

John Harlan, about 1 year

Machine Learning Is More Than Just Making Predictions We wanted to follow-up on our previous post to talk a little more about the actual implementation of Machine Learning applications. Specifically dealing with the need to handle cases of (1) lo...

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Receive emails in Rails app using AWS Lambda & SES

John Harlan, about 1 year

Here is a basic Ruby on Rails application demonstrating exactly how to receive emails from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda process. This method works for any Rails app where you want users to be able to send emails into your Rails app. Setup ...

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CSV Methods for ActiveRecord Models

John Harlan, about 1 year

The following content comes from our github.com account. You can view the gem here. Here is a gem we built for adding default CSV behavior to ActiveRecord models using Ruby on Rails. Overview Extending default CSV behavior to Active Record model...

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Responsive Web Design

Alice Zeng, about 1 year

Do you know what is Responsive Website Design (RWD)? Have you noticed that some websites look different when you open them on your computer and view them via your phone? The important contents of those websites are still displayed well, right? Tho...

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Angular Typeahead Example

Cole Cammack, over 1 year

To begin, make sure these are loaded into your app: <head>  <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/angularjs/1.0.8/angular.js"></script>  <script src="http://angular-ui.github.com/bootstrap/ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.6.0....

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Geolocation and finding the closest dropoff point to a coordinate

John Harlan, over 1 year

Everybody's Got Problems In consulting, one of the best parts of our job is getting to see all the interesting and sometimes unique problems high-growth businesses face. While rebuilding Live Well 30A's eCommerce site and platform, one of the big...

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Determining delivery zone for a shipment using geocodes

Jordan Graft, over 1 year

On a recent project, we were building a custom mobile workforce management system for handling deliveries of equipment. The management team wanted to start separating deliveries into zones and build routes based on optimal delivery patterns in tho...

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Amazon's Machine Learning Can Help Solve Workflow Constraints

John Harlan, over 1 year

A Document Processing & Workflow Bottleneck We were pretty excited when AWS announced its new Machine Learning service earlier this year and began immediately thinking about projects that would benefit from it. Our first chance to implement t...

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Tracking Offline Revenue With Rails & Google Analytics

Connie Harlan, over 1 year

The following content is based partly on a tutorial from LunaMetrics, entitled "Tracking Offline Transactions with Universal Analytics" with additional steps for implementing within a Rails application. Tracking offline revenue is a major headache...

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OCR on multi-page pdf using GhostScript and Tesseract

Josh Reid, almost 2 years

We've been doing a lot of image management and OCR work here recently, and we started running into performance issues when using ImageMagick's convert method on large multi-page scanned PDF's. The real issue was that we needed high-quality images ...

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Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 14.04 with NGINX & Cron

Connie Harlan, almost 2 years

Securing a website and maintaining a certificate can be quite a hassle. Let's Encrypt is a completely free, automated way to turn on and off HTTPS with simple commands. The following content is partially based on the "Getting Started" tutorial fro...

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NGINX forwarding HTTPS traffic to new domain

John Harlan, about 2 years

We had some added stress the other night when we were pushing a new app into production for a client. As part of the new app launch, our client wanted to move his site to a new domain that he purchased. No problem, right? Just setup some NGINX ser...

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Rails & AWS Cloudfront

Yang Yu, over 2 years

Getting Cloudfront to work nicely with your Rails app takes a few additional adjustments.     Add the rack-cors gem to your application  Use the configuration below for rack-cors in your config/application.rb:  You will also need to configure your...

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