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Engaging Patients

DOPS founder Cody Friddle wanted a better way to share visual content with his patients.  The dental industry has lagged the overall technology world in its ability to engage patients with visual data, and Cody wanted to empower his patients with better access to their content.  Existing technologies were desktop based and didn't allow for the real-time sharing of images on mobile devices.


DOPS required a native iOS application with a cloud-based server to facilitate the capturing and sharing of images.  The application design required a robust JSON API to facilitate the communication of the native application with its cloud storage and to also allow Dentists to immediately share images via email or text from their phones.

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Two Rails developers and one Swift developer built the DOPS application in two months.  The mobile application leveraged on-device data storage with asynchronous persistence to the server.  This process required a complex syncing routine to ensure that the app can perform without network connectivity but persist data when connectivity is restored.


The hosting of the cloud-based server is based entirely within Amazon Web Services and adheres to the latest HIPAA guidelines for electronic PHI storage.  Today the application is used by dentists nationwide and thousands of images have been captured and shared with patients.

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