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Transforming Real Estate Brokerage

Door is a real estate brokerage company that leverages technology in order to sell or buy our clients’ homes for a flat fee of $5,000 per side, paid at close.  Door believes the independent contractor model used by traditional real estate brokerages is broken. Because traditional real estate agents do not know when they will get their next paycheck, their strongest incentive is to find the next deal, not concentrate on yours.  Door's real estate agents are employees because we believe that hard-working professionals managing what is frequently the largest transaction in a person’s life deserve great incomes and a company culture that fosters growth (both personal and professional) and learning. 

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Our Involvment

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Door is a consumer facing web application and therefore needed a strong aesthetic to back the brand they are trying to build.  Our design team worked quickly and in short segments with tight client reviews to make sure we were building on their brand requirements and also offering the user a familiar home search experience.

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Data Feed

Door is integrated with the NTREIS MLS.  Existing solutions didn't give us the control over the data in a way that we could offer a super fast search to the frontend UI and also allow the Door team to run reports and gather analytics from the MLS data.  The data feed from RETS is imported into a Postgres database with geospatial factors enabled and served through AWS RDS to allow for horizontal scalability of read requests.

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From end-to-end Door is built with a focus on the performance of the user experience.  This includes everything from utilizing Angular as a front end javascript framework to a proper and thoughtful indexing of the database.  The query syntax offered by our API allows users to filter and sort their listings by a wide variety of criteria without the need for incremental development.

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Door's Success

Door had an exciting launch backed by a strong public relations campaign.  Their user growth has been exponential and they have generated revenue beyond investor's expectations in their first 12 months of operations.  We are excited to be Door's development partner and help them become the leading real estate brokerage firm in Texas.


CrateBind has been more than just a development firm. CrateBind has been a true outside CTO, and they have developed a product for us that has exceeded our expectations every step of the way.

Alex Doubet, Door

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