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The Problem

As credit markets have become more robust and dynamic, the need for a provider of standardized financials has grown. KeyMan is a startup founded by experienced industry professionals Ethan Underwood, Ryan Browning and Chris Alfano who seek to capitalize on the need for a standardized financial database in the private credit markets.  Today hundreds of credit managers employ credit analysts to perform the same task for the credits in their portfolio.  By using KeyMan as their source for financial data, credit managers can reduce their overhead for producing and maintaining financial data for their credits.

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Our Involvment

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The design of KeyMan's database was incredibly complex.  KeyMan needed the ability to intake financial documents and data from any number of companies and have a workflow that allowed them to process the data with a standardized label structure.  This presentation had to be extensible and flexible enough to capture the wide range of financial data sets.

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Data Management

The complexity and nuance of the financial data flow drove us to choose a normalized database structure with a separation of the standardized labels from the financials themselves.  This provides the KeyMan team the flexibility to make dataset changes to their financial output structures even after statements have been processed.

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KeyMan's ultimate goal is to integrate with a variety of portfolio management systems.  This requires an extensible and clean JSON and XML API which allows third-party systems to communicate and consume the financial data.  The API required a flexible query structure and syntax and also a consistent and standardized financial output scheme so that future changes to the data structure will not break existing integrations.

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KeyMan has successfully processed thousands of documents to date and has experienced strong acceptance in the market.  We are currently working with them on supporting third-party integrations and helping them add additional features and requirements to better position them to capture additional market share.


Working with CrateBind has been a wonderful, top-notch experience due to their extensive knowledge, expertise and timeliness. We are lucky to have found such a unique, hands-on firm that is able to execute our highly specific and specialized requests.

Chris Alfano, KeyMan Intel

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