Keystone National

The Need

Keystone National has nearly a dozen funds with active investments and hundreds of limited partners.  The process of distributing and consolidating distribution alerts and key tax and accounting documents had become and overly burdensome process for Keystone's account management team.

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Our Involvment

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Keystone's Investor Portal integrates directly with their fund management software to allow its account management team to quickly and easily transition documents from their core system to the investor portal.  

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Cost Savings

Keystone's account management team used to spend hundreds of hours uploading files and sending emails to investors for their monthly distribution cycle.  With this new system, the time requirements of this process have been reduced dramatically.

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The Keystone portal provides increased security and audit trails for the account management team.  Rather than sending sensitive documents and financial information via unencrypted emails, the Keystone team can utilize the end-to-end encryption of our application and user identification system to ensure documents are delivered to the intended recipient.

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Next Steps

Keystone continues to look for ways to automate and standardize its fund reporting tools.  Our flexibility to work with their non-cloud based portfolio management systems gives them the ability to reap the benefits of cloud-based applications without the expense of investing in a new platform. 


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Michelle Larsen, Keystone National

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