Live Well 30A

The Need

Live Well 30A is an established bike and beach chair rental business on Florida’s 30A coast. Live Well had outgrown its existing WordPress site & eCommerce store and needed a sophisticated platform to allow them to continue to grow their business at almost 100% per year. The Live Well team was also struggling with managing its seasonal workforce which would grow to ~50 employees during peak summer months. They were experiencing a logistical nightmare trying to coordinate this growing business with paper printouts and text messages.

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Our Involvment

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New Storefront

We moved Live Well to a custom eCommerce store using the Rails and Spree Commerce frameworks. This allowed them to customize and improve the shopping experience for their customers as well as give them access to a customized backend management system which has helped reduce equipment loss and improved on-time deliveries.

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Task Organization

Live Well's unique business model requires a complex task engine.  Orders are not fulfilled sequentially and every product type has a different set of fulfillment requirements.  We worked closely with Live Well's management team to construct a task engine that consumed the orders and produced a logical set of tasks by day that they could use to organize their workforce.

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Mobile Workforce Management

Live Well’s issues were compounded by the fact that they had a temporary & seasonal workforce and no way to communicate changes and updates to them in real-time. Each morning, the Live Well team was printing out 100 pages of routing sheets from an Excel document. We built them an integrated set of mobile apps that synced directly with their new storefront’s routing system and allowed them to communicate and track their workforce in real-time.

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Continued Success

Live Well has continued to grow dramatically and their new platform has been instrumental in their success.  They are now able to handle more volume with fewer people and less stress.  Lost equipment and missed orders are now averted, and Live Well is able to focus on growing their business and serving their customers.  We are excited to continue to help Live Well improve their platform and grow their business into new product lines and markets.

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[CrateBind] changed our business. They consistently delivered beyond our expectations and we will never work with another development company again besides them.

Field Williams, Live Well

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