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Invoices & Payments

RedAway is a leading medical waste company in Dallas, TX.  Their team needed a core system to more efficiently manage billing & payments, compliance obligations, and collections routings. The CrateBind team did a total build of RedAway's existing application and database to a new, more scalable application with a cleaner database design.

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Our Involvment

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Database Conversion

RedAway had an existing database with thousands of business-critical records.  We constructed a complex data migration routine to ensure the preservation of existing data records while moving the company to a normalized and cleaner database design.

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Invoice Generation

Invoice generation was becoming a hindrance to management as they had grown their client base.  RedAway's pricing and billing structure is highly complex and tied to contractual agreements with thousands of healthcare organizations.  The company required a billing system that could handle all of its nuances but allow for customization of one-time services.  Additionally, RedAway required a custom integration into their Quickbooks Online account.

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RedAway was collecting and depositing thousands of checks manually.  This process was expensive and prone to error.  We introduced a Stripe integration with a structured email notification to allow clients to pay with one-click.  Since the launch of the Stripe integration, RedAway's average AR days outstanding has decreased by 30%.

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Market Expansion

With their new core system in place, the RedAway team has been able to focus on market expansion and is spending less time generating invoices and collecting payments.  The company recently expanded into the Houston and Fort Worth markets and has plans for several new cities over the coming years.  We are excited to see how our work has helped save the management team time and improve the overall experience for their customers.

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[CrateBind] built us a flawless client portal that has helped significantly increase our business. The work they’ve done speaks for itself.

Justin Smith, RedAway

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