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Stand For Life

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The Stand For Life Movement started with an Instagram filter which exploded. The team wanted to make a stand for Life in the wake of recent Planned Parenthood videos showing the selling of unborn infants. Their cause grew quickly with over 20,000 images created in less than three days. We were able to help them get a site up quickly that could scale with the incredible volume of traffic they were driving.  We are passionate about supporting this team because we believe in them and the cause they are championing.

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Our Involvment

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Stand For Life is a team of creatives and so they wanted tight control over the design of their site.  We were more than happy to work with them as they constructed ideas and controlled the majority of the design process.  We are always flexible with our clients and happy to work with third-party designs and layouts.

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Stand For Life is changing the Pro-Life conversation through the distribution of positive and uplifting stories about life.  Their site acts as a conduit for the collection of stories from across the US and is the primary source for their new content.

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We support Stand For Life on a pro bono basis. We are proud to be their partner and excited that we can help them achieve their Pro-Life goals.  We routinely select a few non-profits to support with our work in an effort to make a difference through passionate founders.

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Changing The Pro-Life Story

Stand For Life has seen tremendous success and a strong positive response to its message.  We are excited to see how the founders take the organization's early success and make a national impact for the Pro-Life movement.  We identify with the positive tone of their message and feel strongly about the cause they support.


The CrateBind team is not only delightful to work with, but brilliant at making our dreams a reality. They are professional, knowledgeable, willing, and friendly. Our website boasts in beauty and functionality because of their skills and excellent attention to detail. We are always impressed with their ability to develop creative solutions for our user experience. We love working with CrateBind!

Courtney Carlton, StandForLife

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