Our Strategy

We summarize our investment strategy with the following: "We invest where we can make an impact". The private capital markets have become increasingly competitive and saturated with institutional capital. This increased competition means that managers need to seek strategies to differentiate themselves. We consider opportunities where our team has the ability to drive value by either:

Building New Technology

Improving or Augmenting Outdated Technology

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Deal Pipeline

Our primary sourcing channel is our IT consulting arm. We currently have over fifty clients across numerous industries including Financial Services, Transportation, Healthcare and Education. The relationships we develop with our clients span months rather than days. These relationships give us unique, in-depth insights into our client’s industry and their business and founder(s).


Capital Sources

Our primary source of LP capital is from high-net-worth individuals and family offices in Texas and Oklahoma. We typically raise funds on a per-deal basis, but have the ability to fund large rounds with local partners and offices. Our equity checks range from $1 million to $5 million depending on the investment.


We partner with experienced executives to help us evaluate opportunities and provide assistance with raising LP capital.


Aaron Graft

CEO of TBK Bank


Chuck Anderson

Bandera Ventures


Justin Trail


Commercial Insurance Solutions


Davis Hudiburg


Broadway Development Group


Carlos Sepulveda

Chairman TBK Bank

Former CEO of Interstate Batteries


Tom Leiser

Bandera Ventures


Pryor Blackwell

Bandera Ventures

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