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Rent 30A

The Need

Rent 30A is a startup vacation property listing and marketing firm based in Florida. Their strategy is to work with local property managers to provide relevant local content as well as build a nationwide marketing campaign to raise the general awareness of the 30A vacation rental market.

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Our Involvment

Our involvement 1


Rent 30A had an existing application that required a new design and database structure.  Our team worked with a mangled database structure and created a complex migration pattern to preserve the existing data.

Our involvement 2


Three Rails developers worked to build out the elegant design with a focus on speed and performance.  The high-resolution images are served through AWS Cloudfront and the map searching functionality is powered using PostGIS for geospatial queries.

Our involvement 3


Rent 30A is hosted entirely in Amazon Web Services and leverages a scalable infrastructure that can grow to meet spikes in user flows during peak season and around promotional marketing campaigns.

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Rent 30A has grown its Monthly Active Users (MAU) by 10x since we redesigned and relaunched the application.  The company is benefiting from the ability to serve high-quality images with low latency and a new data design that is scalable with a multitude of third-party listing sources.

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I’ve worked with lots of developers over the years, and they are hands down the best. They’re the best because they are reliable and do what they say they are going to do.

John Wellborn, Rent 30A

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